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PigStock 99

The 14th Annual
Touchet River Outdoor Roundup &
World Famous Filipino

28-30 May , 1999
Memorial Day Weekend
at the Fairgrounds in Waitsburg, Washington

The Other Line

The Winner of the VW Bus and the Gang

Taking a break

The Other Line

Here is the Page you all have been waiting for. 'Games'

Here is Some pics of the Setup Crew Pre Pigroast

Here is the other pics untill this page gets to full!!!

Another page, for Saturday Nite Live.

Medical Alert
JP with his hand at the ready on the Medical bag (aka Charcoal Man)

Don hard at work sorting the T-shirt orders.

The Kitchen Crew

Sobriety Cop chatting with a Newcomer trying to crash Pigroast with his new 2000 Honda Goldwing and Mike is not buying it and points the way.

Guest appearances by........

Registration Crew and Add-ins....
Doctor Nurse and Santa late at nite seting up registration and the calm before the rush to register

Wanted No Reward

Joe, Janis and Jimmie

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Another Line

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