"Woody's How to of Roasting Pigs Filipino Style"

Best thing to do is find a Filipino to help you. If you are lacking in Filipinos where you are at, try the following rules

Rule 1. The smaller the pig the easier to cook. It takes a 100 lb. porker to feed 70 or 80 people.

Rule 2. You can stuff it if you want with apples and onions and whatever, but the pig will cook better if you don't.

Rule 3. Never ever put the flame directly under the pig's back. Its front and back leave room for vast amounts of grease to drip off and flare up.

Rule 4. Remember the pig will shrink so you have to wait a while to retie it so it doesn't fall in the fire like my first one I did.

Rule 5. Make sure to use meat thermometers.

Rule 6. If you use charcoal get the best stuff you can and lots of it.

Rule 7. Start cooking damn hot to seal in the juices and then cook it a little slower, takes about 12 hrs to cook a 100 lb piggy.

Rule 8. I use a combination of soy sauce oil and garlic pepper to bast it. Bast it all you want gives you something to do.

Rule 9. Never take yourself to seriously it will taste better.


"Send Woody a note if you have questions about More Cooking Instructions"

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