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Patriots of Recovery

aka: Woodys infamous pigroast
The 35th Annual
Touchet River Outdoor Roundup &
World Famous Filipino

This is a Clean and Sober Event


- May , 2020
Memorial Day Weekend
at the Fairgrounds in Waitsburg, Washington

Meeting information in this area.

Speakers for the Meetings on

Friday 6 PM


11 AM Alanon Speaker in the Barn.

7 PM

Washington, USA maybe

Sunday Spiritual Meeting
9 AM

Local Washington

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The Geezer Memorial Fund
contacts: headpig@snafubar.com

What to bring for First Timers compliments of Toni R. and Lindsay J.

Waitsburg Parade 2005

If you want to learn how we roast a pig click on this line and learn.

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Waitsburg Parade 2014

News from the Waitsburg Press 2015

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